Understanding water

What is our connection with water, humans are 75% water, all our organs, bones tissues etc float in water, water is the biggest solvent in our body

It’s a well-known fact that staying well-hydrated is essential to our overall health and vitality. Water improves blood supply and circulation, ensuring that nutrients reach all the cells in all parts of the body. Moreover, it helps with digestion, detoxifies our system and keeps headaches and fatigue at bay. Drinking water regularly is also crucial to weight loss and maintenance.
But, here’s the thing…

NOT ALL WATER IS CREATED EQUAL. The tap water that we rely on so blindly every single day of our lives, is not rich in the nutrients required for optimal health. In fact, it contains chemicals, pollutants and contaminants that continue to accumulate in the body and cause serious damage in the long run. According to World Health Organisation: – At least 1.8 billion people have access only to contaminated water. – Contaminated water can transmit diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, dysentery and polio. Just because the water flowing out of your tap looks clear, doesn’t mean all’s well with it. Especially, in a time when water scarcity continues to overshadow masses on a global scale. It is prudent to be proactive about something as basic and important as your drinking water! Tap water quality varies from place to place and can contain toxins that even a electrolyzer filter isn’t designed to eliminate. Most people get confused between the water purifier and the water electrolyser/ ioniser, these are two different technologies with different uses, as the world suggest the job of a water purifier is to clean water and the ionizer makes your water healthly and as mentioned earlier ionizer should be installed after a pre-filter which is a water purifier.

How Does Ionized Improve the Quality of Water?

My considerable research has led me to understand that the real ‘magic’ of ionized water lies in the thorough ionization of tap water. You see, as water passes through an electrical field, it separates water molecules and creates what I consider to be the ideal antioxidant! The more water molecules are split, the more antioxidants are produced.

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